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31 December

Well, thanks for all the fish, Fag Ends! The comm's not going anywhere, but these delightful messages from us mods will now fade into the distance... Enjoy yourselves and enjoy 2017!


1. "Bleedin' crime is what it is…"
2. "You should never hurt the feelings of a brutal killer."
3. "It's funnier if it's true."
4. "What the bleeding hell is wrong with you bloody women?"
5. "Our little sex game was just the beginning."
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30 December

Whooosh! (That would be the new year creeping in...)

Lies My Parents Told Me

1. "Have you seen the new library? There's nothing but computers! There's not a book to be seen."
2. "With all the rubbish people keep sticking in my head, it's a wonder that there's room for my brain."
3. "Her eyes, balls of honey."
4. "Forgiveness makes us human; blah-dee-blah-blah-blah..."
5. "Darling, it's who you'll always be: a limp, sentimental fool."
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29 December

The lights are still bright! This episode less so.

Dead Things

1. "We missed the bed again."
2. "I think the New Kids On The Block posters are starting to date me."
3. "Have you seen my underwear?"
4. "Oh... Balls."
5. Localised temporal disturbance.
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28 December

Something to write home about in the dark days of winter...

The Gift

1. "It's always got to be blood."
2. "Here to help. Wanna live."
3. "I imagine you hate me right now."
4. "The gods themselves do tremble."
5. "I know you'll never love me."
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27 December

I really do think S4 is underrated.


1. "I'm not much the being-sent-for type."
2. "Okay - let's not quibble about who failed who."
3. "I'll probably have a brisk jog later on."
4. "After all we've done… Nah, I can't even act surprised."
5. "You could never hope to grasp the source of our power."
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26 December

And the calendar goes on! What will these next few days bring???

Never Leave Me

1. "Pretty bitchin', right? I'm like Obi Wan!"
2. "Babe 2: Pig in the City was really underrated."
3. "Apparently I just slaughtered half of Sunnydale, pet. I'm not really worried about being polite anymore."
4. "Maybe it's another musical. A much crappier musical."
5. "Usually the operative completes his task and either blows his head off or steals a submarine."
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25 December

Hope everyone's had a great day! If nothing else, there's always time for buffalo wings...

Fool for Love

1. "It's not about the moves, love."
2. "I prefer placing my energies into creating things of beauty."
3. "I mean, if you're looking for fun, there's Death, there's Glory, and sod all else, right?"
4. "You think we're dancing?"
5. "Death is on your heels baby - and, sooner or later, it's going to catch you..."
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24 December

*looks wistfully towards the rooftops hoping for a glimpse of Father Christmas*

Something Blue

1. "Giles, help; he's gonna scold me."
2. "That's it. I'm gagging you."
3. "Oh Spike! Of course it's yes."
4. "Wear this to the rehearsal dinner and the whole things's off."
5. "That's it. You're off the usher list."
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23 December

It's all anticipation now, isn't it??

Once More with Feeling

1. "Crawl out of your grave, you find this fight just doesn't mean a thing."
2. "You have monkey trouble?"
3. "I gave birth to a pterodactyl."
4. "I've read this tale; there's wedding then betrayal"
5. "Well, I'm a hair's breadth from investigating bunnies at this point, so I'm open to anything."
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22 December

So, what I want to know is why we never got another two-part episode after Bargaining. (Because we didn't, did we?)

Becoming, Part Two

1. "Female, blond, approximately sixteen years old. Suspect is very dangerous."
2. "I want to save the world."
3. "She's, uh, hell on the old skins, you know."
4. "All right. Someone get the chainsaw."
5. Quod perditum est, invenietur.