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January Poll


The poll contains all the suggestions from last month's poll. We have also added suggestions from earlier polls and made up a few more to make up the numbers.

Pick which theme you would like to see us feature for FEBRUARY. As usual, we are not going to explain what each theme is; they may or may not be what you think! In the box beneath the main poll, we’d like you to suggest the theme(s) YOU would like to see for APRIL (because March is Arabian Nights due to the draw of the last poll).

These suggestions will then form next month’s poll in a mixed up kind of way* along with at least one other suggestion that the mods will throw in themselves. In the event that we have less than 10 suggestions, the mods will fill in the rest to make up the numbers. If your theme suggestion isn’t picked, then you are welcome to suggest it again in other polls.

Remember: your suggestions for themes should be broad so that it’s easy for us to make up 20 prompts. For instance, ‘teacup’ is too narrow, but ‘Alice in Wonderland' works (more or less). Please expand on your suggestion in the comments to this post.

* We reserve the right to reject, tweak or combine any suggestions that are unsuitable, inappropriate for everyone or unworkable for us in any way. This might be because the suggested theme is a) too narrow and we can’t think of 20 prompts, b) too similar to a recent theme, or c) because it’s just plain unpleasant (i.e. sexist, racist, homophobic etc).

The poll will probably close around 12.00 GMT, (i.e. when I remember), on Friday, 31st January 2014. If there is another tie, the mods will choose the theme to do first from the winners and the other winner(s) will follow the month(s) after and there will be no poll for that month(s). There will not be a poll for February.

Onto the good stuff:

Poll #1954301
This poll is closed.
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 18

What theme would you like to see for FEBRUARY?

View Answers
My Bloody Valentine
5 (27.8%)
1 (5.6%)
0 (0.0%)
Paw Prints
1 (5.6%)
St, Valentine's Day Massacre
4 (22.2%)
Underground, Overground
1 (5.6%)
War of the Worlds
0 (0.0%)
Scenes From Bogwitch’s Life
2 (11.1%)
Movie Night
1 (5.6%)
0 (0.0%)
Shake the Disease
1 (5.6%)
Ooh La La!
2 (11.1%)

My suggestion for a theme for APRIL is:

Thank you for your time.

P.S. If anyone would like to volunteer to be a guest prompter for a month, let us know in the comments. The mods would still do the posting and will have to approve all prompts set, but we would like think others can have a go if they want to!


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Jan. 30th, 2014 03:55 am (UTC)
So, for some reason it wouldn't let me click on the suggestion for the next poll thingy so I couldnt' fill it in and I feel like I ought to fill something in so I choose:

Computer Problems! :P
Jan. 30th, 2014 08:04 pm (UTC)
Oh yes. Like to see Spike's solution to computer problems... On second thought I can't just trash my computer cos I can't go steal a new one. Hmmph! :D
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