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3 December

What's it today? Oh, a sad one...


1. 148
2. "There's always consequences."
3. "I'm seeing it from the wrong side."
4. "You don't belong here."
5. "I can be alone with you here."


2 December

What episode is it today? Ooh, ooh, it's...


1. "It's a predator thing."
2. "Bitter and aggravating."
3. "You're bruising the leather."
4. "What's a little sweater-sniffing between sworn enemies?"
5. "She spent the better part of last night with me."

Poor old S5 Spike...

1 December

Welcome to December, Fag Enders! We are going for a prompt bonanza this year, with five Spuffy episode prompts every day until New Year's Eve. We thought we'd start at the very beginning, with...

School Hard

1. "Home, sweet home."
2. "So. Who do you kill for fun around here?"
3. "You'll find out on Saturday."
4. "They make me feel all manly..."
5. "It's gonna hurt a lot."

Every day will be a surprise episode to remember and enjoy, so watch this space!

What is the reason for this, though, I hear you ask? Well, unfortunately we have some sad news, which is that the mods have decided it's time for Fag Ends to close up shop. We've had a fantastic run for over six years now - we've battled Mortifex, helped some witches and their cats and chased after the poor lost Easter Bunny. Of course there has been lots of Spuffy too, and we've had an amazing time reading hundreds of fics, basking in everyone's art and even poring over the odd vid. We think now is the time to look back on Fag Ends and appreciate it for the great fun it has been, rather than force it to keep carrying on forever.

This doesn't mean that anything is going to go anywhere, and we have no plans to move/delete/amend anything on the comm in any way. There will be no new prompts each week, but posting will stay open for anyone who wants to keep responding to prompts we've had in the past (all on our prompts spreadsheet). Hopefully you will all keep enjoying and commenting on things that people post!

We want to thank everyone who's made Fag Ends such a great comm over the last few years, and not least for indulging us in our whims about chickens. We've had a blast, and hope you have too.

Until January, though, why not help us go out with a bang??? To the Spuffymobile, away!


Doesn't look like we're going to get any entries this month, so here's a ficlet for all of the prompts.

Setting: Indeterminate/not important
Rating: PG-13 for a few swear words
For the prompts: Earth, Air, Fire, Water
1000 words
Author's note: Education is great. I'm all for it. Sometimes, though, a little knowledge goes a long way and you don't always end up where you want to go.


Read more...Collapse )

November Week Four

Our last element is... Earth!

1. Hit the Ground
2. Rock n' Roll
3. Move Mountains
4. Down to Earth
5. Set in Stone

November Week Three

Air this week!

1. Up, Up and Away!
2. The Mile High Club
3. Flight of Fancy
4. Fresh Air
5. Breathe Deeply

November Week Two

Sorry these are late; entirely my fault. Film titles about water:

1. The Lake House
2. Lady in their Water
3. The Abyss
4. Heart of the Sea
5. Splash

Though I'm a bit worried I shouldn't have got out of bed when I woke up.

November Week One

It's November, a particularly flammable month at the beginning- this side of the Pond at least. A bit of a nightmare for vampires, I should think.

Here are five health and safety-conscious Bonfire Night prompts for you, courtesy of everyone's favourite Fireman, Sam (here in the original Welsh).

1)Ensure that your bonfire is stable and remember to never light it with a flammable liquid.
2) Always pour water on the embers before leaving the bonfire at the end of the bonfire party.
3) Always light fireworks at arm’s length with a taper. You must never return to a lit firework and never throw a spent firework on a bonfire
4) Always hold sparklers at arm's length and wear gloves when handling them. Once the sparklers are out make sure you put them in a bucket of water.
5) Always hold sparklers at arm's length and wear gloves when handling them. Once the sparklers are out make sure you put them in a bucket of water.

Have fun, and remember, never run with sparklers.

Ficlet: Foxy Ladies

Title: Foxy Ladies
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word count: 650
Prompt: Outfoxed
Summary: Spike and Buffy go out on the town in San Francisco, at a drag bar.

Buffy felt pretty fly...Collapse )

Ficlet: The Fun House Doors of Perception

Title: The Fun House Doors of Perception
Author: Rebcake
Rating: Mature, 'cos language and S6 shenanigans
Word count: 540
Prompt: Seeing Isn't Believing
Summary: Spike's sure he's got it all figured...

I told you ... stop trying to see me.
—Buffy to Spike, in Gone

Buffy"s playing-hard-to-get, kiss-chase thing had been cute.Collapse )


With a proportion of the gargoyles out on strike, the West Tower of Mortifex’s castle has flooded from the tempests overhead. But still Mortifex ignores the protest from his stone servants and the struggle continues

The water seeps into the stones until the tower topples. Mortifex’s magic zaps overhead. The rain lashes down.

One by one the gargoyles return to their posts. Mortifex does not listen. Mortifex does not care. They have failed.

For now.
Time's up. The challenge is over and we have a winner. Well done foxstarreh!

The Picket

 photo The-Picket_zpsnmb3t6o5.png

In the end, nine gargoyles joined the strike. We will have to see what Mortifex thinks of this industrial action...

Final Scores

foxstarreh - 62 (Shop Steward)

2 Gargoyles recruited (60 drips)
Plus 2 drips

 photo Fox_zpswa2brwiu.png

feliciacraft - 48 (Paid-up Member)

2 Gargoyles recruited (40 drips)
Plus 8 drips

 photo FC_zpsqb3jhruf.png

the_moonmoth - 44 (Paid-up Member)

2 Gargoyles recruited (40 drips)
Plus 4 drips

 photo MM4_zpsidhr184c.png

shapinglight - 26 (New Recruit)

1 Gargoyle recruited (20 drips)
Plus 6 drips

 photo SL-2_zpshibaaid2.png

double_dutchess - 20 (New Recruit)

1 Gargoyle recruited (20 drips)

 photo DD_zpsrbg4ecqk.png

Drabble: "For It May Come True"

*Tries the gate*: Huh, it's still unlocked. Cool. I'll just leave it here. :)

Title: "For It May Come True"
Author: feliciacraft
Setting: Immediately after "Chosen"
Rated: G
Word count: 100
A/N: Inspired by the prompt of the same phrase
Feeback: Yes, please! :)

The Hellmouth went boom. Gone. Everything gone...Collapse )

Poetry and Artwork: The Distance

Title: The Distance
Creator: feliciacraft
Rated: G
Prompt: Future tense.
Note: Season 10 spoilers below.

Poem and artwork below...Collapse )


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this is smokin" xx - Buffy and Spike"s hands set alight in Chosen.

THIS IS SMOKIN" - Spike dressed as Randy Giles in Tabula Rasa, looking singed.



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