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February Week One

We start our electronic journey in the 1980s...

1. Love Action
2. Love On Your Side
3. Love is a Stranger
4. The Look of Love
5. Love Comes Quickly

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February Theme

This month's theme is...

 photo tainted_zpsh4ns5rxj.png

35 years of electronic love songs!

Fic: Wonders Never Cease

Title: Wonders Never Cease
Author: Rebcake
Word count: 990
Rating: PG13
Prompt: Crimson Tide
Setting: S6, Warning for reference to lots of kinds of fluids.
Summary: Spike takes Buffy to the beach to investigate something unusual.

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Title: Swim
Creator: TheFoxinator
Rating: T
Setting: Post-"Chosen" AU (Sorta complies to some comics canon but not much)
Prompt: The Nosy Narwhal Negotiation (Thought there isn't actually any nosiness.)
Word Count: 223
Note: Yet another sequel to: Deep, Think, and Legacy.

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Fic: The Babysitter, G

Characters/Pairing: Buffy/Spike, Dawn
Rating: G
Words: 496
Notes: For the prompt "Clean clams crammed in clean cans." Chronologically noncommittal, idk, Dawn's being babysat, Buffy's patrolling Sunnydale...

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January Poll


The poll contains 10 suggestions (sorry, I had some sort of bout of lazyitis and forgot to run the polls for November and December).

Pick which theme you would like to see us feature for FEBRUARY. As usual, we are not going to explain what each theme is; they may or may not be what you think! In the box beneath the main poll, we’d like you to suggest the theme(s) YOU would like to see for MARCH.

These suggestions will then form next month’s poll in a mixed up kind of way* along with at least one other suggestion that the mods will throw in themselves. In the event that we have less than 10 suggestions, the mods will fill in the rest to make up the numbers. If your theme suggestion isn’t picked, then you are welcome to suggest it again in other polls.

Remember: your suggestions for themes should be broad so that it’s easy for us to make up 20 prompts. For instance, ‘teacup’ is too narrow, but ‘Alice in Wonderland' works (more or less). Please expand on your suggestion in the comments to this post.

* We reserve the right to reject, tweak or combine any suggestions that are unsuitable, inappropriate for everyone or unworkable for us in any way. This might be because the suggested theme is a) too narrow and we can’t think of 20 prompts, b) too similar to a previous theme, c) because we don’t understand your suggestion or d) because it’s just plain unpleasant (i.e. sexist, racist, homophobic etc).

The poll will probably close around 12.00 GMT, (i.e. when I remember), on Saturday, 30th January 2016. If there is a tie, the mods will choose the theme to do first from the winners and the other winner(s) will follow the month(s) after and there will be no poll for that month(s).

Onto the good stuff: (Obviously, because I can't edit the poll, it should read FEBRUARY). Ugh.

This poll is closed.

What theme would you like to see for JANUARY?

Tainted Love
The Fair Folk
Money Money Money
Old Masters
The Silver Screen
Norwegian in the Basement
The Love Bug
Past Times
Kiss From a Rose
Shop Until Your Drop

My suggestion for a theme for MARCH is:

Thank you for your time.

Fic: Compromise, Buffy/Spike, G

by Barb C

Characters/Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Rating: G
Words: 325
Notes: For the prompt Deep Fried Calamari. Barbverse, some time between NE & POM. This story takes place in a weird non-comics-compliant universe where Spike does actually enjoy eating human food now and then. However, that does not necessarily mean that Our Heroes have an easier time selecting a restaurant...

Spike yanked his axe free of the demon's carcass and gave the blade a casual swipe across the damp grass. "There, that's sorted. Where 'd'you fancy dinner, Slayer?"

Buffy cleaned the purple goo from the blade of her sword rather more carefully, and eyed Spike with suspicion. The last time he'd sounded that innocent, he'd conned her into going to some demon greasy spoon where the deep fried calamari had been not so much fried as alive and still squirming. Well, you could fool the Slayer once, but not twice – she'd made plans. "A real restaurant," she said firmly. "One with Yelp reviews." Matching his innocence eyelash for batted eyelash, "There's supposed to be a great new Italian place over on Wilkins. How about that?"

Spike groaned and shouldered his axe. "Pasta tastes like sodding cardboard."

She'd expected this. "To you, maybe. It tastes like carb-laden heaven to me. Come on, I've seen you eat Dawn's grotesque mac-n-cheese creations."

"Yeah, but she dresses 'em up a bit. The tabasco sauce makes all the difference." He gave her a crafty, sidelong look. "How 'bout Happy Fun Bowl? Haven't been there in awhile."

It was Buffy's turn to groan. "If 'last week' counts as 'awhile.' We always go there."

"And why not?" Spike countered. "Pho's light, healthy, nutritious – "

She wrinkled her nose. "And seventy-five percent of the items on the menu have pig's blood in them. I pass."

Spike assumed an expression which, upon anyone other than a badass vampire who was far too cool for such things, would have been called a pout. "Well, soon as they open a real restaurant with Yelp reviews that serves O positive..."

Buffy punched him in the shoulder. "Okay, okay, Mr. Pickypants. How about Cajun House? Blood sausage and brain-melting amounts of cayenne pepper for you, delightfully unhealthy hush puppies for me."

"Done," he replied. For a moment they walked in companionable silence, and then, "Now, about splitting the cheque..."


January Week Four

Last week of January already. Where does the time go?

Five sea-themed tongue twisters for you this week. Happy ficcing.

1)Clean clams crammed in clean cans
2)Two tried and true tridents
3)Octopus ocular optics
4)I eat eel while you peel eel
5)I wish you were a fish in my dish

Squid Are Friends, Not Food

A very stupid (and really terrible) ficlet for this month's prompts.

Setting: vaguely in the same post-series AU as this.
For the prompt: Deep Fried Calamari
330 words
Thanks to Finding Nemo for the title (not for profit, please don't sue etc).

Squid Are Friends, Not Food

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January Week Two

This week we are getting a little cinematic. All the prompts are titles of films that are to do with the sea:

1. The Heart of the Sea
2. Dead Calm
3. White Squall
4. Crimson Tide
5. Song of the Sea

Negotiating Narwhals

Happy New Year to all!

Of course I couldn't resist the narwhal prompt. So I quickly had to whip something up, because the rest of the month I will probably have zero time for fannish activities.

Prompt: The Nosy Narwhal Negotiation
Medium: ArtFill behind the cutCollapse )

January Week One

Week One of 2016's prompts are sea creature themed...

1. The Nosy Narwhal Negotiation
2. Octopus Prime
3. The Light in the Darkness (is an Angler Fish)
4. A Porpoise without a Purpose
5. Holy Mackerel!

January Theme

Happy New Year Fag Enders!

As drizzlydaze was the winner of the Halloween Trick or Treat Challenge, she chose:

 photo sea shells_zps0b4mixnh.jpg

All things over and under the sea!

It's Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!! Thank you for playing and may your 2016 be filled with Spuffy! (And yes, this post is scheduled, so hopefully I'm having a good time right now too...)


How to play:
  1. Click on the graphic to find the calendar.

  2. Click on the date to reveal the prompt - and click through to watch it on video!

  3. Fill the prompt and be merry!

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This is Smokin"... - Buffy holds her hands to the flames in OMWF.

this is smokin" xx - Buffy and Spike"s hands set alight in Chosen.

THIS IS SMOKIN" - Spike dressed as Randy Giles in Tabula Rasa, looking singed.



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