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Halloween Challenge 2016 Stat Post 1

The Picket


Gary is no longer manning the barricade alone, but Mortifex is hardly quaking yet. Never fear, there is still plenty of time for others to join them!


the_moonmoth - 26

1 Gargoyle recruited (20 drips)
6 drips towards next recruit


Fic: Not Without You

Title: Not Without You
Creator: the_moonmoth
Rating: PG-13 for mild naughtiness
Setting: Alternate S6
Summary: “Are you planning on going anywhere?” she asked.
Prompt: The Dying of the Light
Words: 970
Notes: Beta’d by bewilde <3 Another sequel to my fic The Ewer of Enheduanna, a S6 AU in which Buffy didn’t die, there’s a roadtrip to another dimension, demons who make them do it, and a happily ever after for our heroes. At the end of the story, Buffy decides she needs to introduce her new boyfriend to her friends. Spike’s half is here. This is Buffy’s half.

Not Without YouCollapse )

Fic: Scooby Does

Title: Scooby Does
Creator: the_moonmoth
Rating: PG-13 for language
Setting: Alternate S6
Summary: A Scooby is as a Scooby does
Prompt: Leader of the Pack
Words: 905
Notes: Beta’d by bewilde <3 Sequel to my fic The Ewer of Enheduanna, a S6 AU in which Buffy didn’t die, there’s a roadtrip to another dimension, demons who make them do it, and a happily ever after for our heroes. At the end of the story, Buffy decides she needs to introduce her new boyfriend to her friends. This is what happened after.

Scooby DoesCollapse )
Here are the 65 available prompts for the The Fag Ends Halloween Challenge:

The Thrill of the Hunt
Deadly Force
Enter MacBeth
The Edge
Long Way to Morning
Her Brother's Keeper
Leader of the Pack
A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time
The Mirror
The Silver Falcon
Eye of the Beholder
City of Stone
High Noon
The Price
Double Jeopardy
The Cage
Shadows of the Past
The Hound of Ulster
Mark of the Panther
Eye of the Storm
The New Olympians
The Green
Cloud Fathers
Ill Met by Moonlight
Future Tense
The Gathering
The Reckoning
Hunter's Moon
The Journey
Broadway Goes to Hollywood
A Bronx Tail
The Dying of the Light
And Justice for All
Genesis Undone
For It May Come True
To Serve Mankind
Seeing Isn't Believing
Angels in the Night

The Fag Ends Halloween Challenge 2016

Our old nemesis Mortifex is back! It took the wily old necromancer a while, but he has crawled his way out of hell and has set up again in his ruined gothic castle to brew up his revenge.

The problem is, as a mean, nasty wizard who never respects the dead, he’s terrible employer. His bats complain that they have to circle the turrets all night and all day, the spiders have to spin their webs 24-7 without any tea breaks and even the monster in the moat grumbles that he hasn’t been fed in weeks. What a swine Mortifex is.

Faced with the endless thunderstorms Mortifex creates, the maelstroms that dump gallons upon gallons of hammering rain on the top of the ramparts, the gargoyles have had enough of removing that much water with no gratitude from their boss! They don’t care if Mortifex exacts his brutal revenge on the lands around, but they are not going to stand for the lightning strikes that chip away at their stonework without proper maintenance anymore.

So to fight for better conditions, some of the gargoyles have formed a trade union (Gargoyles Unite) and they hope to recruit the rest of their number, along with the other grotesques that decorate the castle walls for their strike.

You can help! The prompts will be posted in a following post and are all titles from the Gargoyles TV show (of course). Discuss, write, design and create from any of the prompts to collect drips of water to motivate the other Gargoyles to join up. Collect 20 drips and a gargoyle will join the picket at the castle gates. Keep recruiting and the one who collected the most by 8pm GMT, 30th October 2016 will win a small prize.

But there is a twist! Different types of creations equal different amounts of drips:

  • You Tube Playlist* - 5 drips

  • Meta (approx. 500 words) – 7 drips

  • Meta (501 to 1000 words) – 13 drips

  • Icon – 1 drip**

  • Drabble (100 words) – 5 drips

  • Fic (101 to 500 words) 10 drips

  • Fic (501 to 1000 words) 13 drips

  • Vid – 15 drips

  • Wallpaper - 10 drips

  • Other fanart and anything else – drips will awarded at Mod’s discretion based on the effort we judge was required to create them.

*To qualify, a playlist must have a Spuffy theme related to a prompt and link to a YouTube Playlist you have put together or have the videos embedded in the post. There must be at least 5 songs.
** Icons/wallpapers must be more than a cropped screencap.

In addition, each of your creations will go towards your rank in the final union as follows:

  • New Recruit: 20 drips

  • Paid-up Member: 40 drips

  • Shop Steward: 60 drips

  • Regional Officer: 100 drips

  • Diversity Champion: Over 100 drips, with at least 50 that don't come from fic

  • General Secretary: 500 drips

  • Union Chair: 1000 drips (Yes, it is meant to tough!)

Additional Rules – read carefully!

  • Please add a link to your creations in a unique thread below so we can easily keep track of them.

  • All submissions must relate to a prompt somehow and comply with normal community rules.

  • Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the mods (to ensure the game is working and everything is fair or even to shake things up if we want to!).

 photo gargle-trans_zpsmt7dofvx.png

October Week Three

Five more Gothic prompts for you, this time with an architectural theme.

1)Underestimate the devil (Chimera)
2)Ward off Evil (Gargoyles)
3)Hunky Punk (Purely ornamental grotesque)
4)A Man of the Forest (Green Man)
5)Fertility (Sheela na Gig)

Happy ficcing!

October Week Two

This week we have five prompts that are all elements you might find in a Gothic story:

1. The Windswept Ruin
2. A Journey through the Night
3. A Place with Secrets
4. A Wicked Nobleman
5. An Innocent Maiden

October Week One

Happy Halloween Month, everyone. Here are five darkly Gothic prompts for you, courtesy of gothic film maestro, Tim Burton.

1) Dark Castle on the Hill (Edward Scissorhands)
2) Talking to the Departed (Beetlejuice)
3) Marriage to a Corpse (The Corpse Bride)
4) The Tree of the Dead (Sleepy Hollow)
5) Undead Pet (Frankenweenie)

Happy ficcing.

October Theme

Finally it's October.

OCTOBER! Bestest month of the year! No, I haven't been excited about Halloween for two over months now.

Ok, enough about me, you all need a theme. Get your Laudanum ready, the winner by far was...

 photo gothic_zpswuyckncx.png


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