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Wishing Doesn't Make It So

A ficlet for this month's prompts.

Setting: The Wishverse from BtVS season 3, with added Spike
Rating: PG
For the prompts:
World is what it is. We fight and we die. Wishing doesn't change that.
There's only one thing I'm good at.
Is this a 'get in my pants' thing?
Look, I don't have time for stories.
560 words.
Author's note: The prompts are all Buffy quotes from The Wish. In this ficlet, I've put one of them in Spike's mouth. I figure Buffy can spare it.

Wishing Doesn't Make It So

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see me feel me/ touch me heal me

This double drabble was originally written for the June theme, but then I couldn't post it for reasons. Luckily it fits the July theme even better (although it's no wishverse fic), and I hope it's okay to post now anyway.
Additionally it was inspired by the wonderful banner nmcil12 posted over at Seasonal Spuffy: http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/562061.html . Go have a look at it if you haven't already.

Many thanks to the lovely red_satin_doll who beta read it, despite still being half sick.

Title: see me feel me/ touch me heal me
Creator: freecat15
Prompt: Wishful Thinking
Setting: BtVS s6, around DMP
Rating: PG15
Length: 200 words (plus titles)

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July Week Four

Five more The Wish related prompts for you this week. In the deathless words of our heroes...

1)You're taking an awful lot on faith here, Jeeves.
2)World is what it is. We fight and we die. Wishing doesn't change that.
3)There's only one thing I'm good at.
4)Is this a "get in my pants" thing?
5)Look, I don't have time for stories.

July Week Three

Get out your meta heads! We have some more meta type questions for you today.

Or not, these don't have to be meta, they can be interpreted in fic or any other way you want.

1. What is the difference between Wishverse Buffy and Buffy in S7?
2. What is the difference between Wishverse Buffy's attitude to Angel and Buffy's attitude to Spike in S4?
3. What is the difference between the Wishverse Master's and Spike's interest in modern human inventions?
4. Whose battle outfit is more practical, Wishverse Buffy's or Spike's?
5. Who is more pragmatic, Wishverse Buffy or Spike in S5?

Fic: Sunnydale

Title: Sunnydale
Creator: drizzlydaze
Rating: PG
Setting: AU, Wishverse
Word count: 656
Prompt: 3. Why is Spike on Giles’ team?
A/N: Previously: Prague and Motel.

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Fic: Motel

Title: Motel
Creator: drizzlydaze
Rating: PG
Setting: AU, Wishverse
Word count: 504
Prompt: 2. Why does Buffy seek out Spike on the way to Sunnydale?
A/N: Just realised this could apply to my first fill too, but whatever. Comes after Prague.

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Fic: Prague

Title: Prague
Creator: drizzlydaze
Rating: PG
Setting: AU, Wishverse
Word count: 729
Prompt: Why was Buffy sent to Prague?
A/N: Awesome prompts. I love AUs, especially the ones just adjacent to canon. So here I am popping my head out for a bit…

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July Week Two

Some more Wishverse prompts! This time we took a look at both Cordelia's wish and the wishes she tried to make at the end of the episode... But we Spuffied them up a bit. :D

Make of these what you will!

1. "I wish Spike had never come to Sunnydale."
2. "I wish Buffy Summers was never born."
3. "I wish Spike never again knows the touch of a woman."
4. "I wish Buffy wakes up tomorrow covered in monkey hair."
5. "I wish all the men - except maybe the dumb, really agreeable kind - would just disappear off the face of the earth."


Fateful (PG13)

Title Fateful
Author brutti_ma_buoni
Pairing Spike/Buffy
Rating PG13
Words 998
Setting Wishverse, without our canon Giles’s knowledge of another world
Prompt “Why is Spike on Giles’ team?” which actually got me thinking about writing for the first time in ages
Warnings/Notes Outsider POV, background massacres

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July Week One

Well, Fag Ends, it's a month of wishful thinking... And so why not a month of prompts inspired by the Wishverse? You don't have to set your stuff in the Wishverse proper (or even remember any precise details about it), but who doesn't like no!nonsense!Buffy and not!actually!there!but!probably!cool!somehow!Spike??

For our first week, we have some questions how an alternative, much more Spuffy Wishverse could have turned out...

1. Why was Buffy sent to Prague?
2. Why does Buffy seek out Spike on the way to Sunnydale?
3. Why is Spike on Giles' team?
4. Why is Spike in that cell instead of Angel?
5. How does Spike help Buffy survive?


July Theme

 photo wishful thinking_zpspm4lho83.png

Be careful what you wish for...

Lust for a Vampire, Chapter 3

You can hit my name at the side and see chapters 1 and 2. It's been five/six years since I last wrote anything for this site or this fic.

Title: Lust for a Vampire
Creator: maryperk73703
Rating: R, language, sexual situations, VampBuffy, VampJoyce
Setting: BtVS season 2ish
Summary/Prompts: Naked in the Moonlight, Star-shaped sunglasses

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June Poll


The poll contains all the suggestions from last month's poll. We have also added suggestions from earlier polls and made up a few more to make up the numbers.

Pick which theme you would like to see us feature for JULY. As usual, we are not going to explain what each theme is; they may or may not be what you think! In the box beneath the main poll, we’d like you to suggest the theme(s) YOU would like to see for AUGUST.

These suggestions will then form next month’s poll in a mixed up kind of way* along with at least one other suggestion that the mods will throw in themselves. In the event that we have less than 10 suggestions, the mods will fill in the rest to make up the numbers. If your theme suggestion isn’t picked, then you are welcome to suggest it again in other polls.

Remember: your suggestions for themes should be broad so that it’s easy for us to make up 20 prompts. For instance, ‘teacup’ is too narrow, but ‘Alice in Wonderland' works (more or less). Please expand on your suggestion in the comments to this post.

* We reserve the right to reject, tweak or combine any suggestions that are unsuitable, inappropriate for everyone or unworkable for us in any way. This might be because the suggested theme is a) too narrow and we can’t think of 20 prompts, b) too similar to a previous theme, c) because we don’t understand your suggestion or d) because it’s just plain unpleasant (i.e. sexist, racist, homophobic etc).

The poll will probably close around 20.00 GMT, (i.e. when I remember), on Thursday, 30th June 2016. If there is a tie, the mods will choose the theme to do first from the winners and the other winner(s) will follow the month(s) after and there will be no poll for that month(s).

Onto the good stuff:

This poll is closed.

What theme would you like to see for JULY?

Fantastic Beasts
Fast Fashion
Come Together
Into the Mountains
Wishful Thinking
The World on a Plate
European Tour
Sweet Things

My suggestion for a theme for AUGUST is:

Thank you for your time.

June Week Four

Well, the solstice has passed and the nights are long! How better to enjoy them than with a music festival? One might well ask... It's five prompts in honour of the sights and experiences of Glastonbury!

1. The Poorly Pitched Tent
2. Naked in the Moonlight
3. Granny in a Kaftan
4. Stuck in the Mud
5. Star-Shaped Sunglasses


June Week Three

Five more midsummer nights-type prompts for you, and this time it's cocktail recipes.

Click on the link to see the ingredients (with thanks to drinksmixer.com)

1) Sundowner

2) A Kiss Goodnight

3) All Night Long

4) August Moon

5) Midnight Samurai

Happy ficcing.


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